Hernise has worked with Haiti Babi for two and a half years. She is soft-spoken, kind, and has a beautiful, warm smile. Hernise is married and has three sons.

Hernise joined Haiti Babi in 2013. She started off by winding all of the new yarn for the other moms and keeping everything clean and organized. During the past year, she learned how to crochet and has worked her way up to making beautiful blankets and hats everyday.



Before working for Haiti Babi Hernise had a very difficult life. She was forced to give her first child up for adoption because she and her husband could not afford to care for her. Hernise and her family were homeless as both she and her husband could not find work in Haiti's struggling economy.

Haiti Babi hired Hernise in August 2012.

Hernise has blossomed in the last few years and everyday she grows more confident. After joining Haiti Babi, Hernise has been able to provide a stable home for her family. Having employment raised Hernise and her family’s status in their community enabling her husband to find a job as well. 



In June of last year, they welcomed a new baby boy named Frendly. Because of our maternity policy, Hernise was able to take a three-month, paid maternity leave. Now, Frendly comes to work with his mom everyday.