Resilia is one of our favorite success stories. As a child, Resilia was sent to Port-au-Prince to work as a domestic servant because her parents were unable to support her. Resilia was not allowed to go to school and has no formal education. She married at age 18 to start a new life, and she and her husband moved to Cap Haitien. Unfortunately, Resilia’s husband passed away, leaving her to raise six children by herself.

After the death of her husband, Resilia sent her oldest daughter, Angeline, to an orphanage. Angeline is extremely bright so Resilia believed that if she grew up in an orphanage she would have the opportunity to get a good education, since Resilia could not afford to send her children to school. Resilia joined the Haiti Babi team in 2014. She was able to bring Angeline home from the orphanage after a few months of steady income. Today, all six of Resilia’s children are healthy and in school. 

One of her favorite things to do with her kids is play music and sing. They set up all their pots and pans around their house and everyone bangs on them and dances to the beat. 

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