Haiti Babi

An old Haitian Proverb says, "when women dish out the food, every eats".  This is true in any country, and in Haiti, your purchase from Haiti Babi helps make it happen.

One in ten children in Haiti lives in an orphanage, not because they are orphans, but because their parents can't afford to feed or care for them.  Haiti Babi creates jobs for industrious moms in Haiti so they can afford to care for their children,  reuniting families one beautiful blanket at a time. 

the naval collection

NEW from Haiti Babi

Inspired by the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea and Haiti's Coral Reefs


It's more than just a beautiful blanket


It's a beautiful story


Haiti Babi trains moms in Haiti to knit and crochet, empowering them to earn a sustainable wage.


Your purchase helps break the cycle of poverty one mom at a time.

Let's work together to change lives for families in Haiti.

Our artisans moms are dedicated to making each blanket and hat with same love and care as they would for their own  baby. 

Wherever we live, wherever we call home . . . every mother wants the same opportunity and good fortune for her children.  Join us.

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