An old Haitian Proverb say, "when women dish out the food, everyone eats" but for many women in Haiti, the paying job that's needed to purchase food is only a dream.  Most are unable to find work to earn a livable wage, and it’s the little ones who suffer most. 

One in ten children in Haiti lives in an orphanage, not because they are orphans, but because their parents simply can't afford to feed or care for them. Leaving a child at an orphanage is an agonizing decision but one too many parents are forced to make if they want their children to eat even one meal a day. 

Haiti Babi creates jobs for industrious mothers so she can afford to care for her children and reunite her family.  Underserved women are taught how to knit and crochet.  These simple skills provide a pathway to employment making beautiful artisan quality baby blankets and hats.

Your purchase from Haiti Babi directly helps a mom in Haiti care for her children and keep her family together.  ALL sales proceeds go back to Haiti, to the project and to our moms.  No funds are used to pay U.S. based salaries or U.S. administrative expenses of any kind.

 When a woman in Haiti has a job, she not only invests in her children, but also in the local economy, thereby helping to boost the entire community.
A Haiti Babi mom earns more than 3X the average wage.  She can buy food, pay for her children's education and provide a home.
Women of the backbone of the Haitian economy.  Old old Haitian Proverb says, "when women dish out the food, everyone eats".  A Haiti Babi job has an economic multiplier of more than six.  This mean a single job at Haiti Babi helps create and sustain six more local jobs.