Jennifer Peng


Jeannide has been with Haiti Babi for the past year and a half. We like to think of her as our team cheerleader. Always happy, always full of energy, and always chatting. Jeannide brings an incredible amount of team spirit to Haiti Babi. She was recently promoted to Assistant Manager and is in charge of several operational activities, including packaging blankets, cleaning the workplace, winding yarn, and running business errands. She also helps out with inventory and tracking numbers, a skill she learned during her 15 years of education (more than most of the moms on the team).

Jeannide has a big family. She has five children of her own, ranging from 3 to 18 years old, and 15 brothers and sisters. Now that she has a full-time job with Haiti Babi, she can comfortably pay for her children's education (a top priority for her), their meals, and regular healthcare. 

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