Martha is the newest mom at Haiti Babi. She joined Haiti Babi in October 2015 and has been a great addition to our team. Martha has 5 adorable children, and an incredibly nice husband. She is very smart. She completed our 3-month training program in 6 weeks, and has a near perfect record for her products passing quality control each week. She is an exceptional employee.



Last fall, rent was due on Martha’s house. In Haiti, you have to pay your rent once a year. Could you imagine paying your rent or mortgage all at once for the entire year? And this time, Martha’s landlord raised her rent by 30%, making the already-stretch payment impossible for Martha, her husband, and 5 kids.

But, years ago, they had purchased land and had slowly been building a house on it. The plan – as is typical in Haiti- was to build this house brick by brick as they had spare money to do so, over 10, 15, or 20 years. But last fall, the house wasn’t even close to being ready.



Martha needed money to quickly get her house built so she could move in with her family. So Martha walked into a local bank, and asked for a loan. 

Thankfully, this bank knows Haiti Babi, and knows of the promise we make to everyone that works for us- of steady, sustainable employment. And upon hearing that Martha was the newest employee on the Haiti Babi team, they granted her the loan she and her family so desperately needed.



And today, Martha and her family are living in their own home, on their own land, and thinking towards the years ahead of them.