Ystania has worked with Haiti Babi for three years. Ystania has a great sense of humor and is a strong, independent woman. She’s one of the best crochet artisans at Haiti Babi. She’s always willing to help out the other moms with their work and has taken a leadership role in the Haiti Babi team. She has an eye for style, and is known as Haiti Babi's fashionista!



After working with Haiti Babi for a year, Ystania purchased a plot of land. In Haiti, less than 10% of landowners are women. As a single woman, this purchase was a major triumph for Ystania. Each month she puts aside part of her salary so she can build a house on the land for her family. 



Ystania is a single mom to her two sons and financially supports her niece, nephew, and mom. Since joining the Haiti Babi team, Ystania has been able to send her sons, niece, and nephew to a good school. In Haiti, 50% of children do not attend school, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Ystania is breaking the cycle of poverty for her family, and it doesn't get much better than that!