Madame Melick is our resident cook. Also known as "Mamia" to the other ladies, she is the mom of moms and takes care of all the others. Everyday she makes the entire team a delicious Haitian lunch. For many of the moms, within their first few weeks of working this was their only meal of the day. Madame Melick's primary ingredients are rice, vegetables, and meat, but her absolute favorite thing to cook for the ladies is fish. She navigates the market every Monday morning with a detailed list in hand and a shopping strategy for getting the best deals on produce. Madame Melick is a trained cook, having graduated from a catering trade school in her early 20s where she learned how to cook for crowds and to sew clothing.

Recently, Madame Melick has also started crocheting at Haiti Babi. After lunch is prepared for the day, Madame Melick works on crocheting as a way to earn additional income for her family.

Madame Melick has five children and the three oldest are all at college in Port-au-Prince. With her job at Haiti Babi she is able to support her family and help pay for their continued education.