Edwije is one of the hardest working Haiti Babi moms  and strives to set a good example for her three daughters, ages 10, 15 and 18. She takes her job very seriously and has become an expert artisan. She embroiders the circles on the blankets and crochets. Before she joined the team, she knew how to embroider and sew, which helped her learn at Haiti Babi much faster. However, at first, she had some difficulty seeing the details in her work and threading needles. We learned she had never been to an eye doctor. After sending her to a local optometrist, Edwije was fitted with her first pair of glasses, and can now see clearly.

Edwije explains that her life at home has changed drastically since working for Haiti Babi. Before she was employed, Edwije and her husband fought about money frequently. Edwije was depressed because she had nothing to do but stay at home. Her husband was the sole breadwinner, paying for all of the family’s food and their daughter’s school fees. At one point, it got so bad that Edwije and her husband were on the verge of divorce. Then, she was offered a job at Haiti Babi. Now, she and her husband have a happy, healthy relationship. Edwije pays for her daughter’s school and has even started to save for college.

 In the last four years, she has watched her daughters blossom and now each has a dream for the future. Edwije’s oldest, Ruth, wants to become a doctor. Her middle daughter, Esther, wants to be an agriculturist and the youngest, Shamma, wants to be an international lawyer. Edwije loves working for Haiti Babi because now she is able to be a role model for her daughters.

Through this job, Edwije has grown into a professional tradeswoman and has earned an enormous amount of respect and admiration from her family.