Martha has been with Haiti Babi for more than a year and has one of the hardest jobs on the team. She runs the hand-operated knitting machine, which starts all the blankets before they go to the other ladies for crochet. Running the knitting machine can be a lot of work, but Martha really enjoys it. She loves the artisan quality of the blankets and takes pride in creating beautiful, meaningful blankets for families to use for years to come.

Martha is a hard worker and instills love and discipline within her family. She has three very sweet, well-behaved children, and now that she has a full-time job, they are much happier and collaborative at home. On the side, Martha sells flavored artisan peanut butter. Some days, she’ll bring in the honey flavor, or the crowd-favorite, spicy peanut butter. Through her job at Haiti Babi and her peanut butter side-business, Martha is able to comfortably provide for her family, and one day, plans to move into a new home.