Caribbean Set: Orchid - Haiti Babi - Artisan Baby Products, Handmade By Moms In Haiti.
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Guava & Stone Blanket and Hat Set
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Turquoise & Stone Set

$ 96.00
Type: Gift Set
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Enjoy a tropical boost any day of the year with this richly colored turquoise baby blanket and hat set inspired by Haiti Babi's Caribbean roots.  Each is lovingly finished with natural shell trim and stone border.

The best snuggles happened when your baby is covered from head to toe in our super soft 100% Ultra Pima Cotton.  But it's more than just a snuggly blanket and hat, it's a story. Haiti Babi trains moms to knit and crochet, empowering them to earn a living, provide for their children, and keep their families together.

Your Haiti Babi purchase helps break the cycle of extreme poverty in Haiti – one mom, one family at a time - and you'll save $10 when you bundle up with a Haiti Babi Caribbean Blanket and Hat in the color of your choice.